This Is How To Properly Paint The Wheels On Your Car

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Today we have one amazing video that will show you how to paint your wheels and ...

Today we have one amazing video that will show you how to paint your wheels and make them look amazing. If you can’t buy those high-priced wheels that you desire, well, you can still get the best of what you already have.

The video below is done by ChrisFix, we have written about him previously, he has some other awesome material as well. In the video below, the process he shows works for any wheel you want to paint. Whether aluminum alloy, chrome or steel.

He is also using common tools, and you can do this at home. This painting wheels tutorial includes five steps. Well, the first step of this painting wheels tutorial is to clean the rim with soapy water to remove any grease, and brake dust or road grime.

The second step is to smooth down any rust scratches or curb rash with the metal wire brush, sandpaper or flap wheel. The third step is to wipe down a rim with alcohol to clean the surface for paint. The fourth step is to paint a wheel with primer and the fifth step is to paint the wheel with any color you want. And according to ChrisFix, this will take you about two hours total to do all four wheels.

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