A Quick Rundown Of Porsche’s Top 5 Concept Cars

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Over the years, Porsche has introduced a number of concept cars to give auto ...

Over the years, Porsche has introduced a number of concept cars to give auto enthusiasts a peek of what’s in store in the future. Some of those concept studies made it to production, while others never even saw the light of day.  Now the German automaker is exploring the realm of its concepts and is showing us five of what it believes are the best it has ever created.

Porsche kicks off with the Type 754 of 1959, which is the predecessor to the 911 and the design cues are clear. Fortunately, the production version looked much better than the concept. Next is the 989 Concept from 1988. It was Porsche’s first 4-door sports car and it’s early styling design paved the way for the Panamera.

Number three is a bit of an oddball. Porsche designers came up with a Cayenne Cabriolet Concept in 2002. Yup, Porsche mulled about producing a Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet-type car of its own. Luckily, the automaker did not pursue this one much further. On second spot is the 918 Spyder Concept which looks a lot like the avant-garde 918 production car.

Porsche gave the top spot to the Mission E Concept, which was presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2015. We do hope that its styling elements find their way to future production cars that really generate more than 600 electric horses.

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