Race Car For The Road? 2017 Ford GT Driven On Ignition

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There was the awful lot of debate about the Ford GT Concept’s engine the few years ...

There was the awful lot of debate about the Ford GT Concept’s engine the few years ago at Detroit.

A twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 in the supercar, and one, no less, that bears a name and represents the spiritual successor to perhaps the greatest vehicle Ford ever built?

Yes, Ford’s choice to go with a twin-turbo V6 was controversial, but it is paying off big time.

With 647 horsepower, this is definitely not your normal V6, and it does clearly prove that downsizing and adding the turbos can work brilliantly.

Motor Trend’s Angus MacKenzie was one of a lucky few non-buyers to drive the 2017 GT on both the road and the track, and aside from the few very nitpicky criticisms, Angus MacKenzie was nothing but impressed. Remember, Angus MacKenzie has been in the business for the long time, beginning his career in his native Australia.

He knows vehicles better than most, so it is fair to say we trust his judgement here. Ford has no doubt created the supercar game changer, something that wasn’t initially built as the road car with added race car components, but the racecar for the road (with Le Mans in mind, of course).

If this is how the modern supercars are powered in order to achieve the best numbers for both performance and the fuel economy, then that is just fine with us.

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