The Race Winning 4000Hp – 18 Cylinders Radial Tractor Modified by Roude Leiw Team

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The Luxembourg team Roude Leiw are once again winning in a pulling race with their ...

The Luxembourg team Roude Leiw are once again winning in a pulling race with their modified 18 Cylinders Radial Tractor pulling with 4000 HP. So, shout out to all the fans!

Tractor pulling race fans, your favorite team has achieved 5th place in ZELE’s European Championship and 6th place in Eurocup. The modified tractor is made from Curtiss-Wright R3350 18 cylinders’ radial motor engine. It runs on 4000 horsepower and has the capacity to pull a lot of weight at a lot of speed.

Take a look at the modified tractor which is running at full speed to finish the full pull. This is a real treat for all the Roude Leiw fans! Team Roude Leiw has modified the tractor to run at super speed and leave every other tractor behind.

The radial engine gives not only the power but the looks too. Furthermore, the awesome performance of the tractor does not need any special explanation.

If you love tractor pulling, you will enjoy this awesome video. So, simply hit the play button and watch away!

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