Racing A Supercharged BMW M5 E39 Against A Mercedes-Benz S550 On Public Roads

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Vehicle Virgin guy – Parker has a few cool cars. The S-class, the E39 M5, ...

Vehicle Virgin guy – Parker has a few cool cars. The S-class, the E39 M5, and the Lamborghini Huracan. Well, he got the means after all. Now, he figured out he’ll be racing some of them – like the S-class against the BMW M5. Only this time, the M5 is supercharged. The last time he compared his S550 with the M5, the newest S550 easily took the win humiliating the Beemer.

It was expected, though. See, the M5 E39 is an old dog. Who knows how many of the original 400 hp escaped from the engine. Now, however, a supercharged machine goes against the Merc with 44x hp. It’s a fast car that Benz for sure.

Nevertheless, Parker and his sis did the racing on public roads. It’s not the most responsible behavior, but it seems they found an even bigger douche there. Before starting their third run, one crazy Ford F150 driver went flat out on the right side and overtook Parker in his M5 over the left yellow line which marks the road.

Of course, the M5 is fast and sounds fantastical, but all the years left a mark on it. Supercharger improved the car immensely and the M5 did win eventually. It’s a faster car now, no question there. But not by much.

Back in the day when the M5 E39 reached the market, it was the fastest sedan in the world. Much has changed since, but its supercharger made it more than capable.

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