This Raggedy Audi 90 Is Actually An 800HP Monster!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When it comes to sheer aesthetics, this beat up Audi 90 Typ 85 is not terribly ...

When it comes to sheer aesthetics, this beat up Audi 90 Typ 85 is not terribly impressive. It’s missing one of its headlights, for crying out loud. However, when it gets on the dragstrip, it’s instantly transformed into a proper beast!

Under the hood we find an awesome turbocharged 2.2L 5-cylinder 20V engine, which pushes this tiny automobile to some amazing speeds. The footage you’re about to check out comes from Race 1000 Half mile event, where this Audi simply blew everyone away.

Thanks to its custom built engine, this 800hp monster just flew down the track, where it reached speeds of up to 275 mph! It’s safe to say no one expected to see that outcome coming from this beat up old car. Furthermore, because of that 90mm straight pipe exhaust, it also sounded absolutely otherworldly!

Ultimately, this tiny Audi might be one of the more badass sleepers we’ve seen in recent memory. In case you’re interested in finding out how it all looked like on the track, click on the video below and enjoy the show! What a fantastic sleeper.

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