Range Rover – The Evolution Of The World’s Most Luxurious SUV

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Since the first prototypes emerged in 1969, the lot has changed with Land ...

Since the first prototypes emerged in 1969, the lot has changed with Land Rover’s iconic Range Rover. The first models were upright, rugged 4x4s, and while the newest models feature first-class accommodations and often, ridiculous horsepower. And yet, a design has always been recognizable as the Range Rover over the last 48 years.

That is illustrated in this new video from Land Rover, released in celebration of the launch of the 550-horsepower Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic.

Over its history, a Range Rover has been home to many firsts for the luxury SUV segment—including antilock brakes and the aluminum unibody construction.

Of course, Land Rover has since branched far beyond the original Range Rover mission, and building—among other things—mega-muscle SUVs that lap the Nurburgring faster than some dedicated sports vehicles. But the Range Rover remains the hallmark of the brand.

In the sense, the Range Rover is like the Porsche 911 of the SUV world–both vehicles have changed the lot over the years, but they still stay true to the specific design ethos and set of capabilities. We would just love to see Land Rover bring back the three-door body style.

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