Would You Rather Tesla Model S P100D or The Audi RS7 Performance

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So, you are in a market for a large four-door coupe!? What can you choose from? ...

So, you are in a market for a large four-door coupe!? What can you choose from? Germans dominate the market with the CLS, Panamera, RS7 and even 6 series Coupe.

However, the Tesla Model S did come to the market to steal a bit of awesomeness from the four-door coupes. It is not a surprise to see it here then – in a head to head fight against the most amazing Audi RS7 Performance.

This one, with its four-liter turbocharged engine, can deliver more than 600hp to all four wheels and accelerate massive saloon coupe thing to 62 mph in just over three seconds. There is much more to it than that though.

The Audi RS7 Performance is fast and incredible in every way you look at it. However, it is also luxurious.

Like properly luxurious. Much more than Tesla Model S.

So, watch this head to head comparison and try to decide for yourself which one is better. We do know that Audi drives better too. After all, it has almost 400 lbs less, awesome Quattro and fascinating suspension. But Tesla, with its lowest center of gravity, can perform too.

Nevertheless, Tesla is actually more expensive and has a much less impressive interior.
It does have the Ludicrous mode. It’s awesome.

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