Real FAST Twin Turbo Dodge Viper – 8 Seconds At 180Mph

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Now that the SRT Demon is prepared to push the Dodge Viper off the Dodge halo car ...

Now that the SRT Demon is prepared to push the Dodge Viper off the Dodge halo car seat (the V10 monster’s production ceases on August 31), and the time has come to zoom in on the Viper example that can give the Demon the hard time at the drag strip.

We are looking at the twin-turbo incarnation of the venomous creature, well, one that can deliver 8s quarter-mile passes without even trying.

And if you are wondering how something like that could happen, you should check out the no-fuss take-offs deliver by the Viper we are discussing here – you don’t need to be the drag strip junkie to figure out that livelier starts would result in even sweeter ET values.

Truth be told, this beast is more suitable for half-mile runs or rolling start shenanigans, it looks like it’s simply stretching its legs while playing the 1,320 feet game.

And you shouldn’t be worried about the clutch, though, because there isn’t one – and as we explained last year, when the thing set two 1/4-mile world records, this Dodge has gone through the major transmission change.

To be more precise, NTH Motor, a speed-obsessed specialist who handled the project, has delivered the auto conversion to go with all the muscle.

The move seems only natural, given the forced induction path of the contraption. Speaking of which, the list of mods fitted to the vehicle also includes an M1 ECU, the E85 fuel system and 18-inch wheels shod in the obvious drag radials.

Nevertheless, a shining velocity aura of the Dodge easily shines through thanks to the 180 mph trap speed of the thing. Which might have just earned it a new accolade.

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