This Rear Mounted LS1 In This Emergency Van Is FREAKING AWESOME!

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Leave it to creative people to make something really awesome! Today, we’re ...

Leave it to creative people to make something really awesome! Today, we’re going to the other side of the globe, or to be more specific, in Australia.

Here, you’ll find possibly the most amazing emergency van ever! This small beast has the LS1 engine mounted in the rear and it has 301 hp!

For a van that is as small as this one, that is a lot! Overall, this LS1 van weighs only 1500lbs, half of that weight can be attributed to the V8 LS1 engine! However, the dope LS1 van isn`t just sweet to look at.

It also has the working siren, and it can do the really sick burnout! Also, the smoke from the burnout is pink and blue, and which makes it way too awesome!

It makes so much smoke that at one point this van is completely lost in it! If you have the emergency and this van shows up, your day will undoubtedly get the lot better!

We would have loved to see this LS1 van race the little bit, but we guess even the burnout from it is amazing enough. Press play on this video and enjoy the colorful show from these guys!

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