If For Any Reason You Need To Stop, Pull Over To The Shoulder Lane!

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There are so many things wrong with what’s happening in the below, we don’t even ...

There are so many things wrong with what’s happening in the below, we don’t even know where to begin. But that is exactly why we should always be alert, ready for anything while out on the road.

That makes driving – one of the most regulated activities of this world – sound like the reiteration of the wild west.

It is not usually like that, the percentage to which this applies varies from one country to the other, and the unthinkable can happen absolutely anywhere. You think Russia is bad? Wait until you see a highway etiquette on Britain’s roads…

Sometimes, though, you might be so unfortunate as to find yourself in the middle of the stupid people and lousy drivers reunion, which usually results in one or more vehicles getting botched up, or even worse if they try really hard.

Well, in some cases, though, you might actually be part of a problem without even realizing it, just like in the video below where we are forced to side with the guy filming the whole incident.

He was clearly the victim, and you can’t help feel he could have done more to avoid the accident, that’s only because he actually could have. But let’s start with the beginning.

The first offender was this driver of the red Audi 80 for stopping in the middle of the somewhat busy road. Unless his vehicle stopped instantly – which is virtually impossible – well, he has absolutely no excuse for not trying to pull over to the right. Idiot number one.

Then there is the truck driver who sees him late and swerves to the left in haste. Had he been more careful, and he would have allowed the vehicle coming from behind more space to maneuver. Idiot number two.

Initially, it looks like our driver has all the time in this world to avoid the stopped Audi 80, but instead of using the steering wheel, he simply slams on the brakes and ploughs into this Audi. Idiot number three.

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