Remember When Donald Trump Took A Spin With Mario Andretti

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It was back in 2012 when today’s President-elect wanted to go to host the ...

It was back in 2012 when today’s President-elect wanted to go to host the Celebrity Apprentice reality show but was a bit late. He called up none other than Mario Andretti himself.

The most famous and the most successful American race car driver showed up in a special two-seater formula-like car and gave Trump a ride to the Show. It was a hell of a ride really.

As for Andretti, it was obvious he is the man for the job. Some of his most astonishing successes include the 1978 Formula 1 championship, four IndyCar titles, IROC, the World Sportscar Championship, the Indianapolis 500 and many, many other.

Now, he has tweeted a video of him driving Donald Trump back in 2012, but he made another comment in it all. Andretti Tweeted: “Got my 2-seater out today to take Donald Trump to The White House for his meeting with President Obama. Should Arrive early.”

Obviously, Andretti throwback is kind of a cool one, but this just goes on to say that even after hosting and managing The Celebrity Apprentice show, one can become a freaking President of the most powerful country in the world. Well, this is certainly an interesting time to live in.

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