Renault Clio RS Cuts Off A Nissan GT-R On Nurburgring, Flipps Over

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We all know that the Nurburgring can be the very dangerous place. This particular ...

We all know that the Nurburgring can be the very dangerous place. This particular incident could have been easily avoided if this driver in the Renault would have looked in his mirror. And sometimes it really is that simple.

When you are at the ‘Ring and you have faster cars approaching, and you move over to the right and let them pass. Even if there’s the corner approaching, especially the corner this wide. You should always check and double check your mirrors.

There would have been room for both vehicles to pass easily, if the Clio would have just stayed on the right.

Unluckily, after letting two 911s go by, he failed to see the fast-approaching GT-R, which also had the somewhat slow reaction time in noticing the close-out.

We don’t want to place any blame on the driver in the Nissan GT-R, but you should never assume that other drivers can see you, especially when there’s the corner up ahead.

Should he have slowed down and allowed the Renault Clio to move over to the left? Realistically, probably not. And the coast looked 100% clear until it wasn’t.

As for the guy in the Renault Clio, well, it’s unfortunate that his car had to flip over, but that is what happens when you don’t pay attention behind the wheel – especially on the track. Lots of people don’t realize the responsibility they have once they go out in any sort of (fast) traffic.

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