Review Of The “Japanese” Big Turbo Mustang Ecoboost

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For this video review, YouTuber David Patterson (a.k.a. ThatDudeinBlue) takes us ...

For this video review, YouTuber David Patterson (a.k.a. ThatDudeinBlue) takes us for a ride in a BIG TURBO Mustang ecoboost! Forget the V6 ecoboost in the Taurus SHO, this one has a 380 horsepower 4-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed gearbox.

The tiny little turbo on the ecoboost gave it a character of whirlwind punching torque and it hits really hard, but it falls on its face at the very top of the rpm range. Having said that, David’s friend Bongsu decided to rice out the ecoboost Mustang by shoving in a 76mm turbo! That’s the kind of stuff you’ll find in a Toyota Supra or something, so you know this car is no joke.

But the best thing about this ride is its lighter nose. If you want a better handling car or an autocross car, this is an excellent choice. The suspension is also exceptional, it actually represents the most money invested in the car       because Bongsu went for BC racing coils – the best in the business, and while it took him 6 weeks to get the settings right, it’s all worth the effort because he ended up with one of the smoothest Mustangs in the planet.

As for the aesthetics, the car features a GT350 front with a grille delete so you can see the big fat intercooler up front. There’s also an APR aero at the rear which looks so good with the carbon deck lid and the carbon louvers. The hood scoop, color-changing headlights, and gold wheels wrap up the sleek look. This Mustang ecoboost certainly had no corners cut and everything just came together perfectly!

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