Ricer Misses Shift – Goes 3rd To 2nd And Ends Up Crashing!

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There is nothing wrong with modifying your vehicle so it can be better and ...

There is nothing wrong with modifying your vehicle so it can be better and faster.

However, there are certain types of people who modify their vehicle to only look faster, not to actually be faster. Well, these guys are known as ricers, oftentimes they are hilarious in their attempts to show off!

In the video below that we are sharing today, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing the funny car accident because the driver missed the shift!

This man wanted to show off in his Acura Integra, and it all went downhill after he shifted to 2nd gear instead to the 4th!

The ricer in this video gets in his Acura Integra, immediately starts accelerating. Even though his vehicle is very loud, he isn’t going very fast! Nevertheless, he gets to 3rd gear, when he wants to shift to 4th, he accidently shifts to 2nd gear!

And he instantly loses control and crashes his vehicle! We really hope that this ricer will learn from this funny car accident.

Also, we lost it when he explains why he crashed! And some people just aren’t good at driving it is as simple as that! Watch this video below and have the nice laugh at this ricer utterly failing! Enjoy!

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