When a RICER Wins The Lottery: Loads of Cash But Too Little Taste!!!

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Warning! This video is full of crappy ricer stuff! It’s been said that class ...

Warning! This video is full of crappy ricer stuff! It’s been said that class and style are innate, that they are the traits we’re all born with, and no amount of dough can buy them. If there’s a video on the World Wide Web that perfectly drives home the point, this is it!

The rides are flashy but they make you realize how something so expensive can look so cheap. From the Lambo wrapped in leopard print and metal spikes to the Mercedes Benz SLR with the metallic gold cabin treatment, the cars simply defy logic and perhaps the only plausible explanation for their existence is that their owners have seriously overflowing bank accounts.

Then there’s the Dodge Charger on wheel spinners with TV screens on the doors! Yup, there are television screens on all four doors! Reminds me of Xzibit and Pimp My Ride.  There is also a Murcielago with a screaming pink paint job and what looks like a Veneno-inspired body kit. To be fair, the chrome-wrapped Gallardo looks pretty dope though.

Nonetheless, the cars will still make you want to puke, or at least wonder how their flamboyant owners managed to come up with the money to purchase and modify their rides in such uniquely comical ways.

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