Hammond Live From A Swiss Hospital After Cheating Death In A Car Crash

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We are sure you know by now what happened to Richard Hammond. Escaping death due ...

We are sure you know by now what happened to Richard Hammond. Escaping death due to the serious high speed car crash not once but twice is, and for lack of better words, stupid lucky.

Unlike his horrendous 2006 crash which left him in the coma for two weeks, this time he managed to hobble away with only the fractured knee.

Seconds later, the all-electric Rimac Concept One he was driving in Switzerland burst into the flames. Hammond was airlifted to the local hospital, which is where he is recuperating today.

To clarify to the world he’s officially alive and well, Richard Hammond had his pal and co-host, James May, film the very brief video from his hospital bedside.

The knee surgery, as Richard Hammond describes, will result with him having the Swiss army knee, but if that is the worst of all of this, then fine.

He also apologizes to his wife and daughters for what’s happened. Best of all, James May smuggled in the bottle of gin for Richard Hammond the night before.

Hey, that is what friends are for. Glad you are okay, Richard. Please don’t scare everyone like that again.

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