A Ride On The World’s Fastest Seadoo – CRT Nightmare

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Have you ever wondered what is going to happen if you combined the Seadoo and 38 ...

Have you ever wondered what is going to happen if you combined the Seadoo and 38 lbs of nitrous and boost? This happens! This turbo SeaDoo that is owned by Jet Ski rider Carlito Del Valle is IJSBA-certified as the quickest SeaDoo on water.

It is fitted with a turbocharger that is able of delivering 38lb of boost. This turbo Seadoo has two nitrous kits.

This monstrous PWC has reached the maximum speed of 113,7MPH, meaning that it is the quickest verified Seadoo in the world.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the engine fitted in this Seadoo. However, we can safely say that it is no stock and it delivers one insane soundtrack.

We think it sounds this crazy and because of its custom cam. Well, this turbo SeaDoo must have many other neat modifications as well.

It is also worth mentioning that Carlito Del Valle has been winning championships since 2011 with this particular jet-ski. And when he goes full throttle, things get pretty insane as the Jet Ski screams from 30mph to 113mph in just 3 seconds, ripping the calm water.

However, we really want to see more footage of this insane Seadoo build in the future. Nevertheless, Carlito Del Valle has another Seadoo in a making that should have the maximum speed of 122mph. This Seadoo will be unveiled in the upcoming Hydrodrags in two months.

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