Rider Flips Motorcycle And RUNS After Cop Grabs Him At Intersection

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What this dude has done with the motorcycle crash that just happened to him and ...

What this dude has done with the motorcycle crash that just happened to him and again escaped the cops is just unbelievable. Well, we don’t know how he found himself in that position, being chased by the on foot cop while he is driving his Kawasaki bike, and also the cop did something unexpected too.

It is not the protocol at all to grab this rider as he is on his bike that is against the rules and against the cop code that they have sworn too. And for sure this rider did the lot of trouble to piss off the cop and make him chase like that.

We have seen the lot of motorcycle crash situations where finally the cop gets the bad motorcyclist and then takes him to the station, but the rider in this video got too much luck in his lap today.

It is like the cop wanted to climb on a back seat of the bike and take the ride with it too, but the rider did the burnout stunt and the cop lost the rider.

And after few yards of driving the bike lost control and went crashed on the ground. And it was the bad move to make the wheelie bike, with the front tire in the air.

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