Rider Takes Motorcycle To The Head After Winning Motocross Race

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This unbelievable crash occurred during a qualifying sessions at the Motocross of ...

This unbelievable crash occurred during a qualifying sessions at the Motocross of Nations in Ernee, France and had Max Anstie and Pascal Rauchenecker as protagonists.

The exact conditions of this crash are still being investigated, with the apparent engine stall being indicated as the most likely cause for Britain’s Anstie slowing down.

Unluckily, Austrian Rauchenecker had no idea about that, was not expecting to run into anyone on the descending slope of a double jump.

Rauchenecker’s rear wheel landed violently on the Anstie’s head, also bashing him against the bike. The Brit, and who was third at the time of the crash, was knocked out unconsciously, was ran off the track.

Max’ team’ manager Steve Dixon visited him at a hospital and said that things are way better than everybody feared, considering how violent a blow the English rider took to his head.

The rider’s T3 vertebra is broken, and the fracture did not cause spinal injuries, the same source reports. Max also suffered the broken shoulder blade and was put into the upper body cast and will need two months of proper rest.

The perspectives are quite good for the full recovery, doctors say, and only if he will not put any pressure on a back and allow the bone to heal slowly to full strength.

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