Riding With Lucid Motors, The 1000 Horsepower Electric Car Built To Beat Tesla

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Lucid Motors came to CES with its Air prototype electric vehicle, the model that ...

Lucid Motors came to CES with its Air prototype electric vehicle, the model that aims to steal sales directly from the Tesla Model S, when it reaches production.

The Lucid Air is powered by the two electric motors that produce the combined 1,000 horsepower while customers will be given the option of either the 100kWh or 130kWh battery pack, with the latter providing the driving range of up to 400 miles.

Lucid Motors is considered to be the serious start-up company, with many people working there being ex-Tesla employees, and including the company’s chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson who is also a former chief engineer of the Model S.

Unlike other EV startups, the company doesn’t give extreme promises for a near future, with their single goal to be the launch of Air’s production version in 2018. And Lucid says that the Air can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in as little as 2.5 seconds.

The Verge had the go in the Air prototype and shared its experience with the following video.

Not even close to the Tesla. Would take at least 4-5 years to get close but by that point Tesla would be much further ahead.

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