Ringbrothers’ 1948 Madam V Cadillac Coupe Is A True Show Stopper!

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Restomods are both hated and adored at the same time. While most of these stunning ...

Restomods are both hated and adored at the same time. While most of these stunning vehicles are fantastic when it comes to design and performances, certain purists simply decide to turn their back on these wonderful creations, and we kinda understand why.

However, there are some cases where the results truly speak for themselves, and the ride you’re about to see is guaranteed to melt the hearts of even the most hardcore enthusiasts out there.

We are talking about Ringbrothers’ 1948 Madam V Cadillac Coupe! You might not recognize it, but this beauty is made almost entirely out of carbon fiber. Power comes from the modern V6 taken from 2015 Cadillac CTS-V. It’s amazing that so many generations passed, and some of the dimensions remain pretty much the same. Still, that’s not the whole story, as the Madam V also has interior parts from the 2016 unit, as well as some Dodge Viper components!

If you have a strong opinion on restomods, this fantastic car is the one to change it. Don’t believe us? Click on the video below and see for yourself!

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