From The Road To The Track, The Full Power Of The Shelby GT350

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When a Blue Oval introduced the S550, it broke a Mustang mold by replacing the ...

When a Blue Oval introduced the S550, it broke a Mustang mold by replacing the live axle rear suspension with the fully independent design. Then a Shelby GT350 dropped by, and the FoMoCo reveled in the performance vehicle spotlight.

The Ford Motor Company still makes the case for the Shelby-ified pony, for the GT350 and a more hardcore GT350R are future classics. Almost three years after its introduction, and the free-breathing monster is still as relevant as it was in day one.

Better still, and discontinuation at the end of the 2018 model year convinced a Blue Oval to make he promo about the GT350’s drawing cards.

First and foremost, the engine. THAT ENGINE, in fact, for a 5.2-liter Voodoo is the exclusive offering in this car segment.

Flat-plane crank by design, the V8 lump screams all the way up to the 8,200 rpm and develops 526 hp. Torque is not nearly enough low in a rev range, though. From 3,500 rpm, however, you will notice that the scenery moves much, much faster.

Moving on to a handling department, forget the aerodynamic trickery or a carbon fiber wheels. The continuously controlled MagneRide dampers are the name of a game here, they’re designed to optimize the car’s handling every 10 milliseconds.

Bear in mind there are 1,000 milliseconds in each second, the human eye needs around a third of the second to blink.

What more can you say about a GT350 and its even wackier sibling? The made-to-measure Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 rubber compound is the marvel in its own right, but let is be frank here: nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to a sound of that Voodoo V8 mill bouncing off the rev limiter.

As the side note to this story, the 2019 model year will see Ford one-up its performance game with a GT500. The rumor mill is chock-full of theories as to what hides under a hood. All we know for sure is, it is V8 power.

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