A RoadCams User Gets Into A Minor Fender-Bender With A SUV, Who’s Driver Was Certainly Not Very Happy

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I think we all remember our first accident. And whether it happened just the few ...

I think we all remember our first accident. And whether it happened just the few days after we got our driver’s license or we managed to get into the unit of measure of months, and we can all recall even the tiniest details surrounding that incident.

The funny thing is that, in most cases, it wasn’t even something that memorable. It is usually the minor bump at the low speed that was totally avoidable had we paid the little more attention to what was going on around us.

In my case, for instance, it happened as I was approaching the intersection and the vehicle in front of me braked. I braked and swerved left to go by it, and I managed to clip the left rear corner and send it crashing into the third car stopped in front of it.

To this day I claim that its taillights didn’t work and I couldn’t see it was braking, but it doesn’t really matter now.

Now that I think about it, my accident is weirdly similar to this one right here. And not only did this guy fail to brake as well, but even the driver he hit is oddly similar to the one I had the pleasure with. Granted, mine was the woman, but apart from that, it is like they could be brother and sister.

Oh, I should warn you that there is some strong language (the repetitive use of the F word, to be more precise), well, put on your headphones if there are kids watching.

I can understand how aggravating being hit can be (after the first accident we have caused, we’ve all had the pleasure of switching sides at least once, right?), and the Toyota FJ Cruiser driver makes the little too much of it. Well, I guess if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be this funny. It ain’t even no f***ing snow out here! And I just washed this motherf****r.” Priceless.

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