Roadkill Team Puts A Monstrous Cummins Engine Into A Junkyard Cadillac!

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Who doesn’t love a good old Cummins Diesel engine? Honestly, probably those ...

Who doesn’t love a good old Cummins Diesel engine? Honestly, probably those Eco-aware individuals, but let’s not dwell on that. For the rest of us, these monsters are brilliant and we love to see them in action. However, these bad boys are so powerful that they can ruin you day in a second, if you don’t know what you are doing.

With all that in mind, you might assume they would be reserved for the most rigged trucks in the world, but what would happen when you decided to put it inside a junkyard dog, such as the Cadillac you about to see? Well, that sounds like complete madness, but that’s what you get if you follow Roadkill.

These dudes just don’t care, and their goal is to create the craziest vehicle possible. Obviously, their machines might not be the most useful things in the world, nor are they designed to last very long, but for that brief amount of time, they are the most fun thing ever! Isn’t that the whole point?

Just check out that thumbnail, and tell me otherwise. Will the 1991 Cadillac Brougham be able to survive the beating, or will they run it to the ground? Watch the show and find out.

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