Rob Ferretti Explains What It Costs To Build 1100HP 1998 Supra!

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In the automotive world, there are a couple of vehicles which just show up and ...

In the automotive world, there are a couple of vehicles which just show up and change the game forever. One of such rides was definitely the Supra. We have seen these brilliant machines dominating everything from street showdowns to drifting competitions and drag races. With its timeless design, exquisite lightweight finely balanced chassis and highly tunable engine, this vehicle became an instant classic.

Fast forward to today, and these rides have skyrocketed in value compared to just a couple years ago. Our old acquittance Robb Ferretti is a world-renown supercar collector, so it’s no wonder why he simply had to own this phenomenal machine.

In this video, Rob decided to share his experiences with owning this masterpiece, as well as show an insight into the costs. It’s worth mentioning that Rob decided to stick with a lot of original parts and only do major work on the engine.

Well, with only 20,000 miles on the clock, this machine is bound to be worth at least $100,000. That is if you trust Ferretti’s words. How much would you be willing to pay to own this piece of automotive history?

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