Rogue Waves, Floods, Boats = Disaster!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Water can be scary, very very scary. And, when the ...

Water can be scary, very very scary. And, when the seas decide to attack us, things can get real bad real fast regardless if you are on the shore, in the shallow bits of the ocean, or in some cases far out to sea. And this when rogue waves and floods attack video has captured plenty of the mayhem that can smack you when water gets angry! The very first clip has got to be of tsunami (it is too big to be a rogue wave, in my opinion) taking over an entire beach loaded with beach goers. It will frighten you to your core. The second clip continues on with tales of how dangerous the sea can be with no warning whatsoever. By the way, what seaside city do you think that is at the clip that starts at the 1:32 mark? Beautiful spot, too bad its ocean waters are so friggin’ insane, eh?    

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