Rogue Wheel Smashes Into Pharmacy, Abruptly Interrupts Meeting!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

One of the cool things about life is that every single day when you wake up, you ...

One of the cool things about life is that every single day when you wake up, you don’t really know exactly what’s gonna happen. It’s exciting, but it’s scary too because the things that can unfold can either be for better or for worse.

The folks in this video may have drawn up a notion of what their day would be like, but they certainly did not anticipate being in a precarious situation. They had no idea that they were to come close to incurring a serious injury or encounter something potentially fatal.

We take a peek from surveillance cameras as three guys appear to be having a meeting in a pharmacy, then all of a sudden and out of nowhere, a rogue wheel that likely broke loose from a car comes crashing into the building, hitting a couple of the guys with a force that’s easily capable of inflicting a good level of pain.

Click on the play button and watch the whole incident from start to finish. Fortunately, no one was badly injured, though one of the men took a hard hit on the head that’s going to take a minute or so to recover from.

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