This Is What A Rolls-Royce Phantom Sounds Like With Open Headers

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A 6.75-liter naturally aspirated V12 should sound pretty amazing, right? Only ...

A 6.75-liter naturally aspirated V12 should sound pretty amazing, right? Only Rolls-Royce doesn’t make V12s to sound (or for that matter perform) like the supercar.

The luxury automaker embraces the twelve for its silky smoothness, silences it to the point that it’s barely audible. Well, what if it didn’t? What would the Phantom’s massive engine sound like if it were liberated to sing to its heart’s content?

That is the question the video below is here to answer. It was recorded while the Phantom limousine was undergoing service for its parking brake module.

The procedure apparently necessitated a removal of the exhaust system, which left the engine free to clear its lungs, exercise the vocal chords it was never meant to unleash.

The ensuing cacophony, as you can hear for yourself in the video below, sounds like quite a different beast than the serene purr for which it was designed.

This is with the catalytic converters, which are built into the header manifolds, still in place. And just imagine how it would sound if it were tuned to perform at (not merely transport its occupants to) the symphony. And that’s something we will likely never find out, especially considering that engine has all but been discontinued, with the company’s only production models now powered by the even further muffled twin-turbo unit.

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