In Russia, You Don’t Park Car, Car Parks You After The Crash

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Nothing to see here, just your standard fully autonomous Lada and steering itself ...

Nothing to see here, just your standard fully autonomous Lada and steering itself to safety after the crash. Jokes aside, this isn’t the first time we see the driver being ejected out of his vehicle after the crash, mostly because some people are still refusing to use the seat belt.

We can’t really tell if this Lada driver was trying to make a left or the u-turn when he entered the path of the Mercedes E-Class that clearly couldn’t stop in time to avoid the collision.

It looks like a force of impact was transferred to the Lada driver’s body which combined with a steering angle ejected him out of the vehicle through the passenger’s door and onto the tarmac.

The Lada continued its path, performing the almost perfect circle and miraculously without hitting any other vehicle until it stopped on the side of the road at the near perfect parking spot.

You can’t make this stuff up and hopefully, the Lada driver will be the bit more cautious next time he’s out on the road with his self-driving Lada.

This is completely normal in Russia. People have their selves ejected from vehicles in the middle of the road to meet up with others. It’s for saving time. That’s the fast paced life of Russia.

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