Only in Russia: World’s First Ever Car Curling Tournament!

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Russians are known for their superb ballet, fantastic works of literature, ...

Russians are known for their superb ballet, fantastic works of literature, majestic opera, and hmm…vodka! It won’t be a surprise that the last one played a significant role in Russia’s newest offering to the world – car curling.

Forget the brooms and those 18-kilogram granite stones. This amazing sport is played using Soviet-era cars called Okas, which can weigh over 680 kilograms. The objective of the game is quite simple. Just like in Olympic curling, the competitors need to get their car closer to the center of the target on an ice rink.  The team with the highest points win.

Although the rules are similar to standard curling, the strategy and technique is entirely different. A driver steers, or curls, the car, while his teammates push the vehicle down the ice. This new sport may be weird but it’s absolutely amusing and would make you think, what the heck took the Russians too long to come up with it?

Car insurance agent Galina Kirkach invented the game after witnessing multiple icy crashes in the Ural mountains at the border of Siberia. She thought the sport will draw the public’s attention to the need for insurance. Kirkach organized an exhibition tournament last month and four 10-member teams joined to compete for the top prize of 100,000 rubles (approximately $1,800).

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