Russian Father And Son Turn Car Into Working Transformer With Guns

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Most father-son projects involve building the soapbox racer or repainting the ...

Most father-son projects involve building the soapbox racer or repainting the fence, and this pair in Russia wanted to do something the lot more spectacular. And considerably bigger.

It all started with the Lada 111 that the two probably had hanging around the yard, and doing nothing but collecting dust and rust.

The first step was to chop it up good because for what they had in mind, and very little of the Russian sedan was going to remain intact.

Seeing the vehicle roll down the muddy track at the event in Oryol where this video was shot, you immediately notice there is something off about the vehicle.

A Lada with wobbly wheels isn’t the particularly unusual sight, and this one’s are just all over the place. Surely that couldn’t have passed even a lax quality control of the Russian carmaker.

And then it starts to happen. The front wheels together with a quarter panels pop out completely unsynchronized, taking the wobbliness to the whole new level.

Then the entire front part of the vehicle starts to rise, revealing a second set of wheels close to the center of the vehicle.

The funny-looking cutouts in the thin sheet of metal acting as a hood finally expose their purpose as the head of the Transformers-like robot peeks out of the engine bay. And despite the irregularities in the running surface, a whole installation somehow manages to defy the laws of physics and remains in one piece.

With a transformation almost complete, the robot immediately starts to fire its front wheel-mounted guns, popping like the machine gun and even spitting out some flames.

Even though, considering this is Russia, and we can’t be entirely sure those weren’t just real bullets.

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