Russian Man Finds Grenade Zip-Tied To His Wheel, Makes Video

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In most parts of the globe, the illegal parking can have an expensive outcome ...

In most parts of the globe, the illegal parking can have an expensive outcome – from paying the steep fine, to having your vehicle towed away.

There are some well-documented cases of keying involved, and as well as puncturing all tires, and this is usually where it all ends. However, we all know that Russians have the slightly different approach to almost every situation.

But a grenade tied to the wheel sounds like something one would make up, yet that is what a gentleman is claiming in the video below.

He says that he found the grenade zip-tied to the suspension and the inside of his Mitsubishi Lancer’s wheel.

As outlandish as it may sound, we have seen crazier things happen over in those parts of the world, so we are not going to dismiss it just yet as another YouTube attempt for clicks.

Our Russian is the bit rusty, but it seems that this incident occurred in Omsk, the city located in Southwestern Siberia, earlier this month. Another normal day in Russia.

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