Russians Chase After Huge Howitzer After It Broke Free From A Truck

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When it is not annexing old territories these days, Russia is busy moving its ...

When it is not annexing old territories these days, Russia is busy moving its troops around in the attempt to show off and balance NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe, and to use its own words.

Sometimes, that means certain pieces of the equipment need to be moved from one place to another, which actually requires some planning, generally speaking, a bit of thinking.

As the general rule of thumb, military equipment tends to be on the heavy side, while some of them are self propelled, others still rely on trucks and different vehicles for getting around.

Well, take these 122 mm howitzers that were in one place, and then needed to get somewhere else.

They are very useful at blowing up stuff, but ask them to move, and they will stare at you helpless. They need to be towed by the truck, which is usually handy because they also need something to carry their ammo around.

Army convoys aren’t such the common occurrence, so whenever one is spotted, you can bet people will take their phones out, film their passing.

This one, however, appeared to be pretty boring: just the bunch of dark green Kamaz trucks pulling the equal number of howitzers in the same color behind them. It was like watching the single truck pass by in a loop.

Until one of them decided to stand out from the crowd during a left-hand turn at the busy junction. Whoever was tasked with planning this route surely didn’t do his best, as parading tons of metal in the middle of the crowded street isn’t what they teach you during safety courses.

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