The Biggest Clock In The World With 14 Trucks And 90 Drivers by Scania

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90 drivers, 14 trucks and 24 hours! What would you do if you had this kind of ...

90 drivers, 14 trucks and 24 hours! What would you do if you had this kind of resources!? Maybe transport some huge thing, help those in need and transport their stuff for free, or perhaps make a huge clock! “What?” – you may ask.

Well, Scania Trucks took 14 of their newest trucks and coordinated them on a huge asphalt surface. The trucks moved precisely following the clock. While this may sound insane and dumb to you, this operation is so mind-bogglingly complex and complicated we are not even sure how did they make it work like they did. First of all, trucks were grouped in three hands. One represented seconds, the other minutes, while the third hand – the shortest one, was that for hours.

As you may imagine, trucks in the “second” hand had to move constantly at a precise speed. In effect, it was estimated that the first one who made the shortest circle had to move at a constant speed of 8 mph, while the one at the outer edge had to move at a constant speed of 33 mph. As expected, drivers in “minute” hand, on the other hand (see what I did there), had to move every minute for only a few meters. The “hours” hand drivers had to move their trucks every hour.

Scania, with this effort, made the largest clock in the world. In a word, it measured 750,000 square feet. And, you’ve guessed it, it lasted for 24 hours.

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