School Bus Driver Suffers A Seizure Behind The Wheel And Loses Control!

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After suffering the seizure, the school bus driver in this video was unable to ...

After suffering the seizure, the school bus driver in this video was unable to prevent the vehicle from plowing through the couple of front yards in the suburban neighborhood.

Thankfully, nobody was injured, despite a horrific nature of the incident. According to the description of this video, posted by one Mariano Diaz, this driver was also OK following his seizure.

A witness at the scene of this crash had this to say: Had this happen in front of my house. Guy slammed a gas and went across the couple yards, and smashed into the tree and light pole. Turns out he was having the seizure. He was OK.

Damage was minor to the homes and yards. Terrifying especially because had it been only the half hour earlier, he would have likely mowed down a school kids that walk past there every day.

Around the 7-second mark, you can also see the couple of vehicles that were probably damaged by the out of control bus, with the pickup ending up on top of the minivan.

The fact that in the end nobody was hurt, is pretty miraculous. Well, no word on whether or not a school bus was empty – but since there is no mention of any children in the description, we will assume/hope that it was.

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