School Bus Slides Down Icy Hill And Crashes (Explicit Language)

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People who live in the areas where it snows during the winter should not be ...

People who live in the areas where it snows during the winter should not be allowed to pass their driving exam before having a go on a slippery white stuff as well.

That’s because you may learn how to drive on asphalt, and you have no idea what to do once you come across the snow-covered road. And, guess what, you are going to have to figure it out all by yourself – while you do that, remember that the trial and error approach isn’t really the option this time.

That’s because the kind of mistakes you might have made on asphalt and got away with will punish you ten times more severely here. Well, driving on snow is about fine-tuning your inputs, it’s about very thin margins of error and, above all, it’s about keeping your cool. Which might sound easy given a conditions outside, but isn’t.
Equally important to knowing what to do in the certain situations is to know what to avoid altogether.

For instance, if you come across the steep downhill slope that’s covered in snow, it’s better to look for the alternate route. Especially if you’re in the very heavy vehicle that will quickly gain momentum once it loses grip. And it will lose grip.

If you absolutely have to do it, there is only one correct way to approach it. Put the vehicle in first gear (if the kind of automatic that doesn’t allow to select the gear, just turn around) and slowly tip over the hilltop. Don’t accelerate, don’t brake, just let the vehicle roll and be assured it won’t gain too much speed.

Even if were to go faster than you would like, there’s nothing you can do to help now other than focus on steering.
If you do brake, you’ll essentially turn the vehicle into the sled, and one that can’t be steered at that.

You’ll charge down uncontrolled until you either spin, hit something or, if you are lucky, reach the bottom of the hill unscathed, but with the dozen more white hairs on your head. Well, how exactly did this school bus driver think he could safely navigate down that slope is beyond us. And he probably used the it can’t happen to me mantra and just went on with it. However, when you are driving a bunch of kids around, you might want to use the more responsible approach.

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