School Bus Takes The Drag Strip With Crazy Wheelies And Cool Sparks!

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A bus with impressive speeds in the drag way is sure hella fun to ride for school, ...

A bus with impressive speeds in the drag way is sure hella fun to ride for school, but do you know a thing probably more exciting than that? Here’s a wicked school bus which proved sicker than your usual bus hot rod with it taking the drag strip with crazy speeds, insane wheelies, and cool sparks.

Hearing this bus revving hard at the starting line would probably leave anyone into expecting that it’s going for a killer quarter-mile speed record. Well, it turned out to be more than just that as the angry revs and powerful launch triggers something every gearhead would love to see.

The bus drags down the strip and shows off some rather crazy wheelies. Not just the unintentional and momentary ones, but the huge and perfect ones. And how the bus was able to run straight while on its rear up to the moment it landed is really amazing as well. Skilled and ballsy driver indeed.

And adding some spark to the badass wheelie are really actual sparks flying everywhere. Definitely made everything more epic and memorable.

This was at the Texas Motor Speedway and if you love crazy stuff too, then be sure to check this one out.

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