Scorpion 3 Is World’s First Manned Hoverbike, Successfully Completes First Test

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There’s the surprising number of companies attempting to develop personal ...

There’s the surprising number of companies attempting to develop personal hovercraft. Most are working on the skateboard-style hoverboards, the concept popularized in the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II.

Some, however, have more ambitious plans. Well, take for example Russia’s Hoversurf which is working on the hoverbike. The company this month successfully demonstrated the prototype at a test facility in Moscow.

Called the Scorpion-3, a design features four precariously placed propellers that we hope will end up enclosed on future versions.

Located under each of the propellers is the electric motor powered by the battery situated in the central structure incorporating the controls and seat. Think of it as a blend of the quadcopter drone and a motorcycle.

According to Hoversurf, this Scorpion-3 can be controlled manually or autonomously, using software developed in-house. Unluckily there aren’t any specs such as range and charge times, though Hoversurf did state that it is investigating the potential of using the internal combustion engine as the range-extender.

Hoversurf says the Scorpion-3, if it ever reaches the market, will be aimed at adventure and the extreme sports enthusiasts. There’s also the potential for military applications and perhaps someday the flying taxi service.

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