Scott Dixon Walks Away From Spectacular Crash At Indianapolis 500

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Some people with desk jobs think their activity puts them at the great risk, ...

Some people with desk jobs think their activity puts them at the great risk, according to the latest orthopedic discoveries, sitting in the chair for prolonged periods of time does have the negative impact on your health.

However bad that may be, it is still not as severe as crashing into the protective barrier at speed (around 217 mph, according to while strapped to the single seat of the race car. There are dangerous jobs, and then there is being the professional driver in competitions such as Indy 500.

Scott Dixon is no motorsport stranger. The New Zealander is the 15-yer IndyCar veteran and has managed to win in Indianapolis nine years ago, and throughout his career, he’s never been involved in the crash as spectacular as the one this Sunday.

Since we are using words like spectacular to describe the incident, it is clear that, despite the impressive airtime, nobody got hurt.

And in fact, it was only Scott – who had previously claimed a pole position in the race – who walked away with the sore ankle, but after you watch the whole thing, that will be like fighting the grizzly and complaining about having the nail broken.

The more ironical part is that, as it so often happens, well, it wasn’t even Dixon’s fault. Another driver, Jay Howard, lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the outside wall. He then veered toward the inside just as the vehicles behind him were emerging from a turn. Dixon braked, and the impact could not be avoided.

Scott’s car went up in the air, hit the barrier that sliced the rear of his car clean, did the few turns in the air, and impacted the asphalt upside down and, generally speaking, probably felt like the sock inside a washing machine minus the water.

In the end, this car’s safety cell and one front wheel were the only things left, which Scott thought was enough to try and steer the vehicle.

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