SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! Driving Lamborghini With Huge Bear

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Back in the day, driving the Lambo was enough to play the all eyes on me card. ...

Back in the day, driving the Lambo was enough to play the all eyes on me card. However, in areas where a supercar population density is incredibly high, things aren’t the same anymore.

Sure, people might from the crowd around an Aventador Roadster, and you probably won’t be able to achieve the magnetic effect required for the viral video.

As such, YouTuber RichKids TV decided to spice up his Lambo Aventador Roadster Beverly Hills ride with one… fluffy ingredient.

The V12 supercar receive the oversized teddy bear as the passenger, with the Sant’Agata Bolognese machine then taking the tour of the city.

As you can imagine, a furry friend riding shotgun did tick a public attention box, amplifying the Lambo’s natural charm like some sort of magical creature.

This kind of shenanigan has also been delivered using the fixed-roof Lambos, and the Roadster nature of the supercar we have here obviously makes the whole thing more spectacular.

While it might seem odd for the vlogger to put an oversized teddy bear inside the Lambo and go for a ride, we will remind you Chevrolet pulled the similar stunt back in 2014, albeit for a noble cause.

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