See How This Guy Gets Endless Hot Water Without Electricity, And How You Can Do It Too!

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When you are out of electricity, you still want to have the way to get hot water. ...

When you are out of electricity, you still want to have the way to get hot water. That is exactly what this guy invented – the homemade water heater that doesn’t require you to have any electricity to work.

It is made out of a brass coil pipe placed in the wood furnace and connected to the regular water heater.

The pipe has two ends at the top and the bottom and they’re respectively connected to the top and the bottom of the heater.

Cold water pumps through a bottom coil, drives the water through a hot coil and furnace and it comes out on the top end, and driving it right back in the boiler.

Then, the water goes through a same process again – cold water is taken out and piping hot water is put back in.

The hot water is mostly steam though, as a temperature this furnace develops is over 500 degrees!

This homemade water heater is a perfect for any outback adventures or eventual apocalyptic scenarios where power goes out.

It is not hard to make at all, as it is made of a furnace, the coil, some fuel in the form of sticks, some valves and the regular water heater.

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