You Have To See This Rally Driver Hood Latch Failing At The Worst Possible Time

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Well, rallying is a tough business. Not only do drivers have to deal with the ...

Well, rallying is a tough business. Not only do drivers have to deal with the insane surface, incredibly narrow roads and trees growing next to them, but they also have to take care of a car. And that is the toughest thing ever as the cars they are driving are super light, but super powerful.

To make them light, the teams had to remove almost everything unnecessary from them. That can lead to problems – such as loose hood latches.

And this time, at the Rally Sweden, a rally car driver Louise Cook had a hood latch failure at the worst possible time and place. The latch becomes loose at the Colins Crest – the infamous long jump. Just when the car took off, the hood latch failed and the hood opened during the jump. Imagine landing with a view blocked.

She did land correctly but did retire later as her car did not have a homologated replacement seat bracket.

Nevertheless, the Colins Crest is a rather infamous long jump. So much so that Rally Sweden organizers offer a reward for drivers who make the longest jump there. The longest jump here is 144 feet jump in a Ford Fiesta WRC car by Thierry Neuville.

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