Self-Driving Race Car Is About To Race Its First Race

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Roborace is a team who wants to create a self-driving racing car. They will even ...

Roborace is a team who wants to create a self-driving racing car. They will even start a racing series this year with racing self-driving cars on the same venues where the Formula E will be held.

Sure, this is a rather hard and time-consuming process to make a proper racecar who would race on the track, react to other self-driving cars and not crash in the process.

The team is enthusiastic about the prospects of self-driving racing cars and we have to say we are too. Luckily, all the world will be able to track and follow their progress thanks to a whole Roborace series which will surface on the YouTube in the following months.

For now, we have two episodes teaching us about the problems the team faces and giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of it all.

The self-driving race car is called the Devbot and it is an all electric vehicle packed with sensors, batteries, and Formula E technology. Yet, it has a cockpit for the driver, but only for the time being. After all, the testing process is quite long and to make it all work the team will have to test the vehicle at all times.

If they succeed and get ready for the next race, we may even see the Devbot trying its luck at the track in Marrakech on 12 November. The team did not manage to get the car ready for a run in Hong Kong on 9 October.

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