Self-Driving Uber Running A Red Light On Its First Day Of Testing?

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Uber of all companies should know how the fast things move in the tech world. One ...

Uber of all companies should know how the fast things move in the tech world. One day you are grumbling about not being able to catch a cab and the next you are ordering a ride from someone you have never met using your smartphone.

Or, say, one day you launch the self-driving fleet of Volvo XC90s in San Francisco and hours later the state’s regulators tell you to shut a pilot program down or face the consequences.

The AP reports that the California Department of Motor Vehicles sent Uber the letter saying it must get the permit for its autonomous vehicles.

If no permit application is filed the letter says the DMV will initiate legal action, and although it fails to specify just what that means.

Uber says the new vehicles aren’t subject to California’s regulations since they aren’t truly autonomous. The technician sits in the driver’s seat to take the controls should things get hairy.

As it turns out things have apparently already gotten hairy, with the San Francisco taxi driver’s dash cam capturing footage of the self-driving Volvo XC90 Uber running the red light.

What’s worse is that the pedestrian was in the crosswalk as a robo-controlled SUV sped through. The San Francisco Examiner reached out to Luxor Cab and confirmed that this video was taken on December 14th, the day the service launched.

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