Semi Gutted Tesla Model S P100D Mortifies Muscle Cars at the Dragstrip!

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When people see a Tesla rolling up to a drag strip along with other rides, they ...

When people see a Tesla rolling up to a drag strip along with other rides, they are quick to judge that the electric car doesn’t stand a chance. That perception may just change after watching the video which shows muscle cars struggling big time to take down a Semi Gutted Tesla Model S P100D.

The car was brought to the Farmington Dragway for the BoostFab Championship Series where it run a few index classes. One is a bit too fast for the Tesla, a 6.49 index and the other a 7.00. The crew did not use launch control in order to get a good, consistent reaction each time the P100D races round after round in each competition class.

The unsuspecting won’t expect much from the electric car but it managed to outlast whatever hapless poor sap finds itself in the next lane over. The talking point here is that on the drag strip, your car must not only be fast, it must be consistent as well because if it’s only fast half of the time, you won’t win a lot of races. This specifically applies to a racing series where you must win a couple of times to go home victorious.

Click on the play button below and watch the Tesla hustle down the track as it thumps rides that are purposely built for drag racing. It certainly proved its mettle and showed that it’s a force to be reckoned with on the strip.

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