Semi-Truck Clips Snowplow, Sending It Down 300 Foot Embankment

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The driver of the snow plow miraculously managed to survive the 300-foot drop ...

The driver of the snow plow miraculously managed to survive the 300-foot drop after being clipped by a semi-truck during the overtaking maneuver in Utah.

In this video, you can see Terry Jacobson’s snow plow getting clipped by the semi, darting towards incoming traffic and eventually winds up going down the 300-foot (91 meter) embankment.

Fortunately for him, drivers who witnessed the whole thing stopped and went down to help. And according to Good 4 Utah, the driver of this semi-truck also pulled over and was cooperating with police when they arrived on the scene.

The passenger side of a cab was completely smashed, said South Area Supervisor Neil Lundell. It was the violent ride he went off the embankment that was about 300 ft, if you know the 1-to-1 slope, that’s steep.

The Utah Department of Transportation is hoping the video below will raise awareness regarding the dangers of crowding or attempting to pass snow plows, which is why this video was released in the first place.

We really ask that when a general public is out there and these men and women are working to protect them and provide safe transportation, and that you think of their safety…and your safeties, added Lundell. We get calls in the middle of the night, we work holidays, we do our job and take pride in what we do.

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