Is This Semi Truck Really Flying? YES YES YES!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Imagine that… When you stunt jump a very heavy ...

Imagine that… When you stunt jump a very heavy truck off a ramp and far through the air, said truck may not do all that well once it slams back down to earth. However, that said, sometimes these far jumping trucks do well and land without falling to pieces, or at least not to too many pieces. Some trucks, as the epic truck jumping video compilation will show you, can nearly fly once they come off that ramp! The very first truck jumping video clip of a semi truck sans trailer jumping long and hard is amazing and does not do the truck itself any good, while the very next heavy truck jump was designed to end badly with the truck slamming into a parked school bus. And, all of the following stunt jumping trucks are insane as well. Enjoy!   

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