Semi-Truck Stuck An A Snowy Ditch – Can It Be Pulled Out By A Dodge Ram?

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As Dodge was claiming a brand new diesel Dodge Ram 2500 is the best towing monster ...

As Dodge was claiming a brand new diesel Dodge Ram 2500 is the best towing monster in a class with a maximum tow capacity of 17,440lbs! But comparing with what this particular Dodge Ram on the video below done these numbers are funny!

We know that Dodge claimed that a new model will feature advanced Cummins diesel engine with the improved torque to 900lb-ft which is completely stunning if we consider that this would be stock performances without any tunes! Who knows how much this number can be increased.

And let’s return in the situation on the video below. There we have the semi-truck which skidded off the road because of the snow.

The position he took after the skidding paralyzed the rear axles where the power is transmitted. On short he cannot move back nor forth, and for his luck appeared the 2015 Ram 2500 equipped with 6.7-liter I6 Cummins heart which is pumping 350 horsepower and 660lb-ft of torque!

So what happened the next was a semi-truck was linked to the Dodge Ram 2500 and the towing started and ended just in a couple of seconds! Yeah, you’ll see how easily the 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 pulled the semi-truck from the ditch!

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