Seriously Fast NovaJoe Pontiac Racing For $50 Grand Bet

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Racing for money may be the most exciting thing one may do with a car. Drag racing ...

Racing for money may be the most exciting thing one may do with a car. Drag racing especially. So, in this 1320Video you have a chance to see how the Novajo Pontiac GTO specially prepared for the drag racing risk it all in order to make the best pass it possible can.

We are talking here about the car with the 521 Ci Hemi engine trying to go all the way to the top and win as much as it can of the $50,000 price. Yes, you have read that right – a 50 grand prize is in question here.

At the NoMercy Event in October, they have finished second only demonstrating how fascinatingly fast their car was at the race. Now, they are back at it giving out everything their car actually could. Just watch those amazing passes at the ⅛ of a mile race. It’s amazing.

True, the Pontiac GTO we can see here isn’t actually a Pontiac GTO. It’s a thoroughly reworked car with just a shell looking as the one on the GTO. Everything else has been astonishingly reworked and changed in order to make the car capable of delivering such impressive passes.

We presume, no actual Pontiac GTO stock parts here at all.

At the end, the NovaJoe Pontiac Went Against the TT Corvette and won touching 202 mph and crossing the finish line in 3.837 seconds. The Corvette couldn’t come close and went over 4 seconds in a race with a speed of 196 mph.

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